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Trill House Collective

"Stay High-drated"

[Intro: Eitan]
Catch me pulling up in John's John Deere, maxed out at 8mph fam, sipping Aquafina out of a Trader Joe's ginger brew bottle. Straight Hanes boxers and an apron. I live this sh*t

[Verse 1: Boaz + Dom]
Lil Buzi on the track, skrr skrr yeah I'm back, spitting facts, I call shots round here, you can call me Mac
It's THC the clique, swag on my di*k, Halibab my chick, we ain't underdogs no more, 'cause we the sh*t
I put haters to sleep, ZZZ, like a PLT, red flag how I feel the beat, get brain like tochnit
Cruising down the 97, with my bredrin, turn up to 11, I'm in between two wonderful things, so call me intersession
I got bars like the BI
No-one back, I don't see why (CY)
J chilling up in TY
Fire drills for my freestyle
I'm on another level
Always earning shekels
Always stay on schedule
I need my tea where's the kettle

Water va'ad so she stay wet all the time
I got her excited she drink me like mayim
Gotta drink that water 'cause it's hot, boy
LeBron Curry with the shot, boy!

[Chorus: Eitan, Ilan, Dom, Boaz] x2
Stay high, hydrated
Off thatwater, yeah I'm faded

High, drated (x8)

[Verse 2: Ilan]
Consenting b*tches sit on this di*k like it's shiva
She think I'm real religious every time I go t'fila
Even on shabbat, this package always gets delivered
She always gets distracted, tryna fidget with my spinner
My hairline is receding like the waters of the dead sea
Omanut up on her, put that work of art on Etsy
And if my aim is off, tell logistics I need bedsheets
Make your b*tch go toot toot; Dizzy Gillespie

[Chorus: Eitan, Ilan, Dom, Boaz] x2
Stay high, hydrated
Off that water, yeah I'm faded

High, drated (x8)

[Sample: Boaz]
I'm so high right now... drated!

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