Release Me (Remix)
[HOOK: X2]
Why won't I release me?

I'm back for this sh*t, I wanna be released
I can’t live like am drivin’ in the darkness
Whereas the rest of my n***as celebratin’ on the light
This life is burnin’ lot hearts, but my heart fights heat
I gotta take a stand so you can free my self
Yeah, Mr Leader man
I didn't know this life's bad as good
I gotta to put myself together am livin' this sh*t
And am

Fighting our line so great [X4]

[VERSE: 2 A4]
It wasn't love b*t*h it was only sex
I used to love you more than anybody
Good times has changed you see them
We only lift in memories girl
I remember all the tickles and the smiles that we had
It was good back then, but life it’s like a boundary
We separate and meet again, only if we meant to be
Believe that
Release me from your heart
I don't belong to you anymore
Cause I'm a mess, can't get out of my head
And the way you brought progress
Can't never get a hand
I never wanted this don't even recognize myself stealing my thoughts
And I'm stressed, feeling all the pressure
And I restored this, sucking guest the out feed
To continue it, and be the sea wave forever
So stealing my thoughts

I just wanna be released
My n***as used to say Hah-hah
Mahasi get out
That's when 4 said
Just hang in there, and show them whatchu got for them
Veela I got watchu sayin' you're not insane
Mahasi live for you, ey you got my brains
Look how am strugglin' hey
I am livin’ main
Pain of your knowledge damn
Release me
You dead to me rest in peace I'll meet you at your funeral
I've had enough about you, never ask me how
I know nothing, somehow I hated you
We intimate you all together
I wish I could ultimate you, with immediate
You make me nauseating, am not offending
That's a fact even court can judge that
Truth hurts and we both know
Close your legs and stop chasing men
Why won't I release me?
Is getting rough cause of my mind far from sample
And I released me
Is getting rough cause of my mind far from sample
Far from sample
Release me, release me