Twin Peaks (TV)
The Log Lady’s Introductions, Episodes Eleven - Fifteen
[Episode Eleven - Laura's Secret Diary]
Miscommunication sometimes leads to arguments and arguments sometimes lead to fights. Anger is usually present in arguments and fights. Anger is an emotion, usually cla**ified as a negative emotion. Negative emotions can cause severe problems in our environment and to the health of our body. Happiness, usually cla**ified as a positive emotion, can bring good health to our body and spread positive vibrations into our environment. Sometimes when we are ill we are not on our best behavior. By ill, I mean any of the following: physically ill, emotionally ill, mentally ill, and/or spiritually ill.

[Episode Twelve - The Orchid's Curse]
Sometimes nature plays tricks on us and we imagine we are something other than what we truly are. Is this a key to life in general? Or the case of the two-headed schizophrenic? Both heads thought the other was following itself. Finally, when one head wasn't looking, the other shot the other right between the eyes, and, of course, killed himself.

[Episode Thirteen - Demons]
Sometimes we want to hide from ourselves - we do not want to be us - it is too difficult to be us. It is at these times that we turn to drugs or alcohol or behavior to help us forget that we are ourselves. This of course is only a temporary solution to a problem which is going to keep returning, and sometimes these temporary solutions are worse for us than the original problem. Yes, it is a dilemma. Is there an answer? Of course there is; as a wise person said with a smile: "The answer is within the question."

[Episode Fourteen - Lonely Souls]
A poem as lovely as a tree:

As the night wind blows, the boughs move to and fro
The rustling, the magic rustling that brings on the dark dream
The dream of suffering and pain
Pain for the victim, pain for the inflicter of pain
A circle of pain, a circle of suffering
Woe to the ones who behold the pale horse

[Episode Fifteen - Drive with a Dead Girl]
Food is interesting. For instance, why do we need to eat? Why are we never satisfied with just the right amount of food to maintain good health and proper energy? We always seem to want more and more. When eating too much, the proper balance is disturbed and ill health follows. Of course, eating too little food throws the balance off in the opposite direction and there is the ill health coming at us again. Balance is the key. Balance is the key to many things. Do we understand balance? The word balance has seven letters. Seven is difficult to balance, but not impossible if we are able to divide. There are, of course, the pros and cons of division.