Twin Peaks (TV)
The Log Lady’s Introductions, Episodes Twenty-One - Twenty-Five
[Episode Twenty-One - Double Play]
The heart - it is a physical organ, we all know. But how much more an emotional organ? This we also know. Love, like blood, flows from the heart. Are blood and love related? Does a heart pump blood as it pumps love? Is love the blood of the universe?"

[Episode Twenty-Two - Slaves and Masters]
A death mask. Is there a reason for a death mask? It is barely a physical resemblance - in death, the muscles so relaxed, the face so without the animating spark. A death mask is almost an intrusion on a beautiful memory. And yet, who could throw away the casting of a loved one? Who would not want to study it longingly, as the distance freight train blows its mournful tone?

[Episode Twenty-Three - The Condemned Woman]
A hotel. A nightstand. A drawer pull on the drawer. A drawer pull of a nightstand in the room of a hotel. What could possibly be happening on or in this drawer pull? How many drawer pulls exist in this world? Thousands, maybe millions? What is a drawer pull? This drawer pull - why is it featured so prominently in a life or in a death of one woman who was caught in a web of power?

[Episode Twenty-Four - Wounds and Scars]
Sometimes, well let’s say all times, things are changing. We are judged as human beings on how we treat our fellow human beings. How do you treat your fellow human beings? At night, just before sleep, as you lay by yourself in the dark, how do you feel about yourself? Are you proud of your behavior? Are you ashamed of your behavior? You know in your heart if you have hurt someone, you know. If you have hurt someone, don’t wait another day before making things right. The world could break apart with sadness in the meantime.

[Episode Twenty-Five - On the Wings of Love]
The beautiful thing about treasure is that it exists. It exists to be found. How beautiful it is to find treasure. Where is the treasure, that when found, leaves one eternally happy? I think we all know it exists. Some say it is inside us - inside us one and all. That would be strange. It would be so near. Then why
is it so hard to find, and so difficult to attain?