Twin Peaks (TV)
The Log Lady’s Introductions, Episodes Twenty-Six - Twenty-Nine
[Episode Twenty-Six - Variations on Relations]
Pie. Whoever invented the pie? Here was a great person. In Twin Peaks, we specialize in cherry pie and huckleberry pie. We do have many other types of pie, and at the Double R Diner, Norma knows how to make them all better than anyone I have ever known. I hope Norma likes me. I know I like her and respect her. I have spit my pitch gum out of my mouth onto her walls and floors and sometimes onto her booths. Sometimes I get angry and do things I'm not proud of. I do love Norma's pies. I love pie with coffee.

[Episode Twenty-Seven - The Path to the Black Lodge]
There are clues everywhere, all around us. But the puzzle maker is clever. The clues, although surrounding us, are somehow mistaken for something else. And the something else, the wrong interpretation of the clues, we call our world. Our world is a magical smoke screen. How should we interpret the happy song of the meadowlark or the robust flavor of a wild strawberry?

[Episode Twenty-Eight - Miss Twin Peaks]
A log is a portion of a tree. At the end of a crosscut log - many of you know this - there are rings. Each ring represents one year in the life of the tree. How long it takes to a grow a tree. I don't mind telling you some things. Many things I musn't say. Just notice that my fireplace is boarded up. There will never be a fire there. On the mantelpiece, in that jar, are some of the ashes of my husband. My log hears things I cannot hear. But my log tells me about the sounds, about the new words. Even though it has stopped growing larger, my log is aware.

[Episode Twenty-Nine - Beyond Life and Death]
And now, an ending. Where there was once one, there are now two. Or were there always two? What is a reflection? A chance to see two? When there are chances for reflections, there can always be two - or more. Only when we are everywhere will there be just one. It has been a pleasure speaking to you.