"Worst Year"

[Pre-Chorus: GAWVI]
Ya I know it felt like everybody worst year, yeah
2020 lookin' fuzzy ain’t nothin' clear, ya
Mmmm got my dogs out here ain’t money nowhere
But you ain’t going to catch me slipping
No, you ain’t
I’m riding steady
Wanted all the things that I prayed for
But I knew God wanted way more
I know you feeling down but don’t stay low
But when you look back see how far you’ve come, yeah, yeah

[Chorus: GAWVI]
If I knew what I know now
I was barely hanging on
If I knew what I know now
I would see I’m not alone

[Verse 1: Aklesso]
I see new bodies on the street like time and time again
What would I do if my bro had just another day
I put my head high ain’t tryna suffocate
They wanna see me die not till this world change
They was rolling with them sticks I had to say mmm
Build a city up through bricks I got to tell 'em yeah yeah
Before I lose my mind this camp ain’t concentration
I gotta stay out the pen
I got an army
Gotta pray for love Travis I’m sorry
Had to look both ways but God beside me, so get behind me
The world on fire y’all rappin bout Bugatti’s and bad bodies
I’m on south beach where my crew stay
Posted with my foolies
Ridin' low in dat hooptay
Tryna ball like a hoop day
Young boys screaming mayday
Can’t take no more rainy days
I went through hell to find You
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