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"Don’t Cry For Me"

Jason Derulo

[Verse 1]
Too young, too fast
Thought I was ready but my timing's bad, yeah
One life, too much to see
And I said "Hey, I had better days"
Yeah, I miss that train by a mile away
But please, don't cry for me

If you thought I was down, if you thought I was losing sleep
Well, I'm still goin' hard eight days a week
I can hold my breath when it gets too hard to breathe (Breathe)
Every lonely night are teardrops in the sea
So don't cry for me

Don't cry for me, don't cry for me
No, no please don't cry, please don't cry for me
Don't cry for me

[Verse 2]
Bad luck, bad love
I climbed the ladder, it was never enough, no
I'll bite my tongue
I'd say nowhere was wrong
Somebody told me, somebody told me I was done
I'm still picking up the pieces and now I was number one
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