Bastards Fire
[Verse 1]
I was caught stagnant in the house of the holy
Riddled with riddles and a jaded mind
I rattled in rhyme, with no sense of time
When I heard her divine voice speak slowly

[Chorus 1]
You're gonna need a b*st*rd's fire
If you're gonna stand up for us
You can't be giving your light away
For that misplaced sense of lust

[Verse 2]
As the years aged my weary eyes
My vagrant journey led me to the riverbed
I drank from the well and felt the light of man
Incandescent children singing, "Praise us once again"

[Chorus 2]
So you've got your b*st*rd's fire
But you ain't got no one to lead
And I said, "Naive sister
We'll lead each other, just you wait and see."


Come with me and open your mind
We'll take a trip through space and time
Where one is all, all is one
Come together under the sun
Everybody, I and I (x8)
Oh Yeah!
Everybody, I and I (x4)