In my youth, I felt the earth move underneath my feet
I knew my place, and kept time blissfully out of harm's reach
But time takes its toll and makes fools of the beggars
Hardens all hearts with desired endeavors
Shell games, all routine in repose

I grew tired of hiding in this shelter I built
Of small empty promises and traces of silt
I built it all up for so long
It was only a matter of when I’d find out I was wrong
And learn to let go

I was told I could be anything I wanted to be
But conflicting opinions have led me to see
I was born to be everything you’ve seen in your dreams
A catalyst of providence, a glitch in the seams
It’s not right, but it’s what you need

Now my past is not the residence I choose to reside
And my future's just a context, ephemeral, implied

It’s not you, it’s not me
It’s now and everything in between

And that’s why I harbored the will to keep moving my feet
That’s why these calloused lungs are the only way I know how to speak
So where are you now, and where were you when you were me?
Have I proven anything, or traveled full circle again?

Because I know how much I’ve grown
And the world is not a bitter place, despite what you’ve shown
I will become everything that you said I could not
And be there for everyone that you forgot

I will lead the way back home