Houses Movement III: Rust/Rebuild
[Intro: Matt Dommer]
One sacrifice for another, or were we made to suffer
And work our hands to bone?
The vultures will circle my thoughts above

[Verse 1: Andrew Wells]
Gate keeper, have I paid my penance
And sacrificed enough for you to help me ascend
Or will you seal my fate in your father’s blood?
Break the seal

[Verse 2: Andrew Wells]
Codex Gigas, lead me to my venerable devices
Wormhole through a time once witless and unrefined
To labor endlessly in the holy womb
Birth after rebirth

[Verse 3: Andrew Wells]
Doubt is failure’s most clever disguise
But I’m no stranger to deceit
When the substrate is disgraced, then our time has come
To exalt the maker

[Outro: Matt Dommer]
I’m starting to believe the path is flawed - a paradigm
I'm starting to believe we're on our own