Sri Vishnu Yantra
[Verse 1: Andrew Wells]
Blessed and graceful
Like a copacetic art connected from the start
By the meek and faithful
That comprise our counterparts and set us, set us apart

[Verse 2: Matt Dommer]
Find your faith or supplicate your god what you lack
A ten fold collapse
I will cast aside a thousand times the meek and the poor
Is it all done? Before it's begun?

[Verse 3: Andrew Wells]
If death comes to take me before I deserve
Let it be known that I loved
And I searched
For a way to be holy
A reason to be kind
A place for us to live in the hearts of mankind
I was weak
I was humble
I was human

[Verse 4: Andrew Wells]
But I grew formidable and became impregnable
I wanted everything, so I took all the weight
I could carry on my shoulders to build you a home
A place where you’re never alone

[Verse 5 - Matt Dommer & Andrew Wells]
Brick by brick
A house made together
A place in forever
Wall to wall
Here through it all
I'm blessed to recall
A place where you're never alone

[Spoken Word: Andrew Wells]
Wake up. We've always known how things have to be. Your mind is steady with resolve, and yet your hands are still shaking. Can you see how we ended up here?

You never shuddered at the idea of protecting what you love, but I didn't consider the means to the end. Can you still see the path laid before you? We've been fathers and thieves, killers and kings, yet my faith still waivers at the thought of choosing to become what you know I must

When the difference between a murderer and a savior is in the eye of the beholder, will you be able to see the blood on your hands? We all know who's to blame. Can you see how this is all the same? We've seen this act play out through a thousand different eyes, and every time I've been sure you're in the right

When you close your eyes, do you dream of a place where you can finally sleep again? Can you still see the blood on my hands? Wait. Speak. Listen. You'll know we've been here before
Wake up

[Outro: Andrew Wells]
And I’ve lived in every voice that permeates stillness
And resonates calm in the face of every choice
I imbue clarity
And I’ve died; I’ve been reborn
I’ve seen many pious men give their lives for idol wars
If there’s one thing that I know for sure
I’ll make my way from this grave