Transcendentium Part I: Zoroastrian
[Intro: Andrew Wells]
Apostasy in latency
No enemies. No legacy
Oh God, I fear this could be the last time we see ourselves
In this light, and I need to know what makes you whole

[Verse 1: Matt Dommer, both]
There's no looking backwards
While we feed each other's guilt
The questions stopped with motion
A life spent retreating
Further through this desert
Seek the heretic abroad
Dare to drink the river
The same mistakes don't bear repeating

[Verse 2: Andrew Wells]
It’s all I want and all that I need
Will I regret it all and replace the blame?
When you’re all I want and all that I need
Will you resent it all and cast me out again?

[Verse 3: Matt Dommer]
I'm cast away. I’m out of place
Far from home. Nowhere known
All hail logic; echo nostalgic
Caught in the rye. Blinded by time
Just keep breathing. Just keep feeling
Lost until you find your way back home

[Verse 4: Andrew Wells]
They’ll say we’ve come so far
Just to turn it into something they won’t understand
Until they reach out when they’ve suffered enough
Have you suffered enough?

[Outro: Andrew Wells]
Is it time to move on?
Because I need this
Like you need this too (I'll carry the weight for you)
We will break
We will falter
We will mend blood in water
We will choose not to speak if our words are conceit
We will think
We will seek
We are one