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Pete Rock Lyrics

17 (2016)

80 Blocks From Tiffany's (2016)

DJ Keynote Speakaz presents The Remixes, Vol. III: The Triplication (2016)

Nutshell (Single) (2016)

The Azmatic (2016)

Garaj (Mixtape) (2014)

80 Blocks From Tiffany’s Pt. II (2013)

F.M.L (2013)

New York: A Love Story (2013)

Planet Earth: The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Greatest Hits (2013)

The Clean Hand (2013)

The suburBAN Tape (2013)

The New York Times Tape Vol.1 (2012)

For The Record (2011)

Monumental (2011)

Petestrumentals (2nd Edition) (2011)

Stone and Rob: Caught on Tape (2009)

Rhyme Pro (2007)

Underground Classics (2006)

Classic Bangerz, Vol. 1 (2003)

The Saturday Nite Agenda (2003)

Juice CD #021 (2002)

Metropolis Gold (1998)

Shock Frequency (1998)

The Concrete (1994)

You Can't Stop the Prophet (Single) (1994)

Street Nigga EP (1993)

Who's The Man? Selections from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1993)

Times Up (1992)


A Piece of the Action Part II

Change Of Plans EP

Dead Presidents

Death, Taxes & Prozack

Gone Til Further Notice: The Story


I'm Not From Here Mixtape


Lite Music



Peace Beloved

Relativity Urban Assault

Sirovi Sirovi

T.P. Allstars: Norske Byggeklosser

The Remixes

Thelonious Minds EP

World of AC

Other Songs

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