SINSANE - Monday Bars Episode 5 (Pete Rock) lyrics

Pete Rock


Yeah, yeah mi-mic check one-two
Mi-mic check one-two
Pete Rock, Sinsane
Mi-mic check one-two check it, yo


Yo, I was born to kill so here I am boy
I'm talking blood for real, it's not a paintball
I'm talking flamethrowers, I'm talking chainsaw
Baseball bats beautifully stacked in the Range Rov'
When I say kill - I mean lyrically
All I need is a pencil, like Heath 'how 'bout a magic trick?'
Piece of paper, a beat, few verbs, and adjectives
Got 'em thinking ''oh sh*t'' like it's a laxative
Oh oh, doctor said I shouldn't smoke
So I beat the sh*t out of him with his stethoscope hah
Pass you the microphone? (huh?) f**k are you talking 'bout?
Time is money, I roll up just to slow it down
I don't chicken out, watch me kick the facts
Pandora's box, knock-knock don't make me open up
You best be hopin' that it don't provoke me bad enough
To wreak havoc sh*t, I can almost feel the rage in my abdomen
So sayonara friend I ain't gon pretend
Like I'm the best who ever did it but I'm up for debates
I'm finally awake, melatonin finally got on my nerves
After i mumbled in my sleep & threw up on my bed
f**k that, this is duel to the death b*t*h ''En garde''
Come against me, might as well lay down flat in the black bag
Muscle relaxers, don't need 'em the way I spaz out
Sippin' Corona by the liters, but f**k a dust mask
Hazmat suit, I'm wondering where the ass at (haha)
She heavy breathing on the reg but it ain't cuz of asthma
I'm so fly motherf**ker, yeah I'm sky high
My last will will probably be extracted out of the black box
Scrap that Drake, that's definitely not hip hop (nope)
Serenading the game delicately like Phil Ochs (huh?)
With all your whips & Versace silver flip flops
I wonder what you kiss-asses do for a living? Rim jobs?
All jokes aside tho, try to outflow my flow
Lyrics people would die for, free of charge on your smartphone
Bygones be bygones, icons still hold micro-
Phones like Daisho, stabbing your eyeballs and chopping your nuts off
The beat needs liposuction cause it's so fat
I'mma Rock that Peter, pop off hitting the gold mine
Don't worry 'bout it, imma do it in my own time
Give it all i got, and put my bars up in the front lines

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