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Trae tha Truth Lyrics

48 Hours Later (2018)

Anaestesia (2018)

Big Money Sonny (2018)

Static (2018)

Never Say Never Again (2017)

Everything Clean But Da Ashtray (2016)

Parts Unknown (2016)

Soldiers United 4 Cash (2016)

Welcome To My Trap House: The Gift And The Curse (2014)

No Pressure 2 (2013)

48 Hours (2011)

The Timeless Audemars Piguet Collection (2010)

Street's Advocate (2008)

The Beginning (2008)

Juice CD #065 (2006)

Soldiers of Fortune (2006)

The Return Of The Streets (Southern Smoke Special Edition) (2005)

Underground 4 Life Vol. 1 (2002)

Eat or Get Ate

Interception (Single)

M.U.D. Musik: Motivation Under Distress

The Redux

Tolerated But Hated

Waka Texas Ranger

Wise Guy: S.U.C. Representa

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