Trae tha Truth

"Not in the Mood"

[Verse 1]
Back in my vibe, tell me the truth
Phantom  the truck, but today I'm the coupe
I  feel like the man, tell them n***as salute
So we're f**kin' with slime, play me that summer shoot
If I ain't at the top, b*t*h I bet I'm in root
If  she want smoke, I'm here to pollute
Gon'  be murder the case, got me feelin' like Snoop
Way I stay with the stick, go to war like a troop
Women  here for the [?], I'm just here to recruit
Fiji all on my neck, probably watch it pursuit
If she here for the play, let her go for a few
She might let you come back, when I feel like I'm through

Get  out my face, I'm not in the mood
You realer than me? They got it confused
Back in my bag, I will not lose
If you in the way, then you gotta move
I'm not in the mood
I'm not in the mood

[Verse 2]
Sick with the views, you would think I was Drake
[?] gave me a lake, 100K out the gate
n***a let me be great, I'm just here for the hate
You ain't proud of me yet? Won't be takin' no break
Look I came here to chill, do not wanna be cool
I'on wanna be friends, know you watchin' my move
Youngin's say I got drip, nuff to fill up a pool
I'ma do what I want, all this money a fool
I am the king, better get it correct
I ain't come here to play, came to f**k up a check
Ain't no ridin' my wave, tell them n***as to walk
They all in they feelings, I hear all the talk
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