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"Evil E: What About Sex?"

[Evil E]
Yo Ice man, we halfway done with the album man
You be throwin all this strong, dope, stupid fly pimp sh*t
But what's up with the sex rhymes man?
You ain't throw no sex rhymes yet man, whassup with that?

Yo man, I didn't even wanna really do nothing this year man

[Evil E]
Yo why you ain't wanna do nuttin man?
Titties man~! Sex sex sex man, all that
We need some sex

{*laughing*} Man I wasn't really about that homes
Y'know I..

[Evil E]
C'mon man! Just throw one sex joint man
For me and my boys man, me and my man
The n*ggas man, WHASSUP!

Aight aight aight check this out E, check this out
The other night I was out at the club aight?
(Uh-huh, what happened what happened?)
I met this FLY-ASS freak, crazy fly
(Word, she was dope?) Dope, had BIG ol' titties aight
(Ohh sh*t, BIG titties!)
Crazy titties and a BIG ol' ass right?
(Ohhh sh*t.. what happened?)

I f*ckED HER

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