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Ice-T Lyrics

For The Cause (2018)

Late Night Blvd EP (2017)

Hip Hop Basics Vol. 1 : The Early Years 1979-1988 (2015)

Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap Soundtrack (2012)

The Glorification of Gangster (2011)

Gang Culture (2004)

Repossession (2004)

Beat of Life Vol.1 (2002)

True Carnage (2001)

Greatest Hits: The Evidence (2000)

Take A Bite Outta Rhyme: A Rock Tribute to Rap (2000)

Featuring... Ice Cube (1997)

Cold as Ever (1996)

S.C.C. Presents Murder Squad Nationwide (1995)

Tank Girl (Original Soundtrack From The United Artists Film) (1995)

'N Gatz We Truss (1994)

Iron Storm (1991)

Ricochet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1991)

We're All In The Same Gang (1990)

Notorious (1989)

Colors (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1988)

Rhyme Syndicate Comin' Through (1988)

Breakin' (Soundtrack) (1984)

Living on My Rough Street


Venom Media Presents: The Deal Show Soundtrack

Where Are They Now? (Remix CD)

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