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"Street Killer"

OK check this out, I got a crazy posse
I got the stupidest motherf*ckin' posse in the whole goddamn city
You f*ck with me I'll snatch out your car
Right in front of your goddamned b*tch
And beat you down right there
I got more guns than anybody
I got crazy guns, you know, I got homeboys on motorcycles
And when we come we wearin' our blue
You know what I'm sayin'?
And I'll beat your f*ckin' ass

Don't nobody call me on my name
Cause they'll get smacked the f*ck up, you know
Can't put me in jail
You can't even f*ck with me
Cause I'm the craziest motherf*cker on the street
Don't nobody want none of this
You know what I'm sayin'?
Cause if you f*ck with me or any of my friends
You'll get killed, point blank

"Excuse me sir, Officer Johnson, Internal Affairs
We'd like to have a few words with you"

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