"Knight’s Inn"

[Intro: Da$H]
Lemme get the last shot in that bottle
Ayy, so
Ashtrays and sh*t
They don't f**kin' know what's comin'

[Verse: Da$H & Man-Z]
Yo, wakin' up with b*t*hes with an Asian face
Heard you got with detectives, sung like "Amazing Grace"
Just like these seats assigned with us, just ain't your place
I'm stuck up in that rabbit hole tryna make a great escape
We take the cake, we keep it on us, n***a, play it safe
A lil' Henny, chicken and waffles, it's a Belgian day
We break the bank with the shakers, double down the play
Burn two Ls, keep it cool like she from 'round the way

I told her, "You can make a million if you lie better"
Eight one in the alphabet, that's my letter
Rhymes good, but resort to the crime, divide cheddar
Ain't even in my final form, hope I die better
She pullin' up, I'm pullin' out, I know her mind clever
Same complexion as my Pelle leather
Hardly see each other 'cause the bread winnin'
These hoes flock 'cause the MuggaH got a n***a livin'

Man, I swear you n***as timid on your best night
Dolla type to make sure your team know what vests like
We ain't aimin' at legs, we get in a lead fight
b*t*h that came from overseas, it's no connect flight
Crackers mailin' for yellow just off of half a pint
Rope the Ruger, my shooters'll come to dress the white

I'm tight, you mention me and them inside the same sentence
Type of sh*t I've seen and done are sh*t you can't mention
My henchman cut class and cut detention
We take his b*t*h and take his pension

b*t*h, I ain't been sh*t since I started, life of departed, see
His brain belong in the garden thinkin' he hard as me
I'm the overcard that's underestimated
And any n***a got problems, he definitely hated, it ain't nothin', b*t*h
Couple chips, summer whips
Lightskin catch a tan when she take a dip
Big champs movin' through, big stamp
Lobster house, pink bottles, and big clams

sh*t, I put the weight of the world on a bar and bench press it
Swear the only thing can stop me is the death sentence
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