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Da$H Lyrics

The Fifth Tape (2019)

Cordel Marginal (2018)

Mind Gone, Vol. 2: Gone, Never Forgotten (2018)

2nd Feed Up (2017)

DOUBLE A-SIDE: VOL. 4 (2017)

After Dark 3: DOMT Tour Edition (2016)



Mud In My Malbec (2016)

The Opiate (2015)

DOUBLE A-SIDE: VOL. 2 (2014)

DOUBLE A-SIDE: VOL. 3 (2014)

Kid Cannabis (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2014)

Mafioso Psalms (2014)

Noisey - The Rap Monument (2014)

That Time We Smoked Dust (2014)

DOUBLE A-SIDE: VOL. 1 (2013)

12 12 Twelve EP (2012)

Young Platinum (2010)

16s & 32s


Walk The Plank

Other Songs

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