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That weed good though
That weed is good
That's a fact, heh
Yeah, So

b*tch said she see me drivin’ somethin' foreign
Ridin' like I’m Earnhardt
Push button turn the car on, it ain't a turn to start
Pistol on louder than the b*tch Yvette in Baby Boy
Slim, and yes, I'm Shady boy
Swear they made a n*gga up in Hades
I was born with a .380 in my pamper
Put a damper on a pus*y n*gga plans
If I duff you in this party then we still gon' jump ya mans
And I always had a fiend before I ever had a fan
b*tch you f*cking know
It's still Dillinger, the b*tch still got a pill in her
She suck me 'til I c*m on her concealer
It's the user and the dealer, and yo' [Captain Get To Peelin’?]
All my n*ggas needin’ mills and if not we get to stealin'
It’s God's Plans, revolvers don't jam
Barrel long like a tall can
This sh*t blam put your life on a pause
Like a dog's hands, n*gga, heh, aw man, so, Yeah, So

Discussing analytics
If they print it, then we get it
Vacuum seal it, ’fore you ship it
n*gga, this sh*t different
Yeah, So, Yeah, this sh*t different
Yeah, So, this sh*t different
f*ck a n*gga mistress
Money, count up, for the digits
Never hesitate to put the foes in ditches, this sh*t different
n*gga, Yeah, So, Yeah, this sh*t different
Yeah, Yeah, So, n*gga, this sh*t different


Palm assault rifles
Young n*ggas worth boss titles
f*ck whores spiteful
Near the ocean where we talk [?]
f*ck up the sh*t still like [?], nicest dish
Roll the blunt and then I tell your wifey, light the sh*t
Swear I need the Benz truck, with a b*tch who [?]
Cheat code, the game of life
Most my n*ggas quit with takin' money, yeah they takin' lives
Disrespect, you pay the price
Tell her if she suck me good, I'll f*ck her, she can stay the night
007 steelo, blunt in my mouth, talkin' sh*t while I'm playin Ceelo
Had crack doubled up on another land
I ace out, my n*ggas stickin' up the f*ckin' den
You know what type of time we on
With no clock and no [?]
The only [?]
Say goodnight to the bad guy, I don't need no applause
I'm out

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