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Exile Lyrics

Soul Amazing (Part Two) (2016)

19 -Road to AMAZING WORLD- (2015)

Wax Aesthetic (2014)

Thief of Beats (2012)

VBT 2012 (2012)

4TRK Mind (2011)

Bang Ya Head 3 (2011)

Conversation B (2011)

Grădinița (2011)

The Future's Past (2011)

Illcandescent (2010)

theGODleeBarnes(LP) (2010)

Days Chasing Days (2009)

Bangin' West Coast (2007)


Jay Love Japan (2007)

Justice (1991)

Heart & Soul (1981)

All There Is (1979)


Cali Dreamin EP

Christmas Soul

do da do

In Transit

On Another Level

Salvation Mixtape

Sarah Tonyn

Shelter From the Night

Summer of '89

That Rapper Kid

The Warning Tape


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