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Untitled Person

"Yeezys On My Feet 5"

[Verse: Lil Toy Yoda]
Yeezys on my feet (feet)
At the meet and greet (greet)
Got so many fans
They be lined up on the street (on the street, b*tch!)
Selling out my shows
Sucking all the toes (all the toes, b*tch!)
Hangin' out with the boys
We playn' Super Smash Bros. (Super Smash Bros. b*tch!)
Got so many chains, my neck be lookin' like pee (pee!)
Brush my teeth 3 times a day, they be really clean (that's really clean!)
I just got some British b*tches they don't me (they don't me)
They just want the drama, man, they just want the tea (tea tea tea tea)
I don't ever wanna go home (no)
I want a b*tch with an afro (yup)
They think it's all one big game, this is just a show (it's a show b*tch!)
I be driving in a Toyota (yoda)
I be out drinking club soda (soda)
You wish you were as great as me, I'm Lil Toy Yoda (Toyota)
I'm gonna go up to your house and then I'm gonna shoot you in the face, aye (aye!)
I'm gonna take your Mexican b*tch and then she gonna say "uno, dos, tres" aye (aye!)
Man, I'm jus' joking (no I'm not)
Jus' kidding I'm still gonna take yo b*tch (b*tch!)
She gonna eat my breakfast sausage, yeah thats my di*k (di*k!)

[Verse: Wild Wes]
Ay yo! Yeezys on my feet. Ayy
You look like a geek. Yuh
Flexing all my ice. Uh huh
My eye brows on fleek. Yuh!
Brotha got no fire
He's says I'm trash what a lair. Hey!
I've only got the ice on
I'm in the store every hour
Once you got the yeezys on
I can't just stop the marathon
I'm runnin' too fast cannot stop
I'm blowing up make it to the top. Yo!
Wild Wes! Getting all the access
To you shoes. Perhaps I gotta confess
I gave away my trash. Recieved the gold
People say I wear the Gucci that's old
I don't care. It ain't fair
What kind of shoes should I wear? Yeah!
Yeezys on my feet. Hey!
Yeezys on my feet. Yuh!
We acting like we flying boys! I'm hanging with my homies on the street. HEY!

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