Wild Wes (artist)

"One For Da Ages"

[Verse 1]
Tracks. That's what i'm makin'
Get off my stage, the good seats are takin'
The beats I make are simply underrated
Enough with the mumble, mumble rap is faded
Real rhymes, real ****in' beats
If you hatin' i'm kickin' your *** to the streets
So, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit
If you gonna hate on me well I won't give a s***
Now you got me to deal with me son
Real rappers only rap for fun
Take a second to embrace the fact
That i'm bouta make a sick track, embrace the impact
Soon i'll take over the hip hop tribe
I make the sickest beats you know the reason why
Success, that's what rappers need
Along with the money man they won't succeed
In the history of hip hop books i'll be in pages
With these sicks beats this albums one for the ages

[Verse 2]
Hey. Now we got somethin' goin'
When the beat starts playin'. The rappers get flowin'
My latest album, people didn't care
When you hate on a good beat that's not fair
The way you hate is really a scare
The way we rappin' we snug like a mitten
Man, the way we make beats they sick like a kitten
When you miss a Wild Wes album you don't know what your missin'
Get to the party
When I tried to rap you tried to stop me
Nice try, but i'm still here
When i'm around, you better have fear
Cause now I ain't playin'
I might diss ya, I ain't just sayin'
Gettin' lip from minimum wages
This album is one for da ages

[Verse 3]
You missed out on a load of fresh new styles
My album is out in 14 files
Gettin' techinical better call the technician
You ain't magical you ain't nothin' like a magician
Better not sleep on me. Fool!
The beat is gettin' real chilly. Cool!
When I got up to the stage
The whole entire building didn't know my name
I better get back on track
You disses me like 3 times, just go back
I'm gettin' better and better and better man you can't stop wes
You best believe this is one for the ages

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