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Wild Wes

"Common Sense"

Some rappers ain't got common sense
Yeah you heard me you rappers ain't got common sense
This one goes out to all the funk fans out there!

[Verse 1 (Wild Wes)]
It's Wes that's one plus Icy that's two
We gonna take ya down to Funk Avenue
The speakers gonna be loud. That'll make us all proud
When me and Icy step up to the stage we make the croud
Jump. You be too rude. Stop being such a grump
Yeah, you still be stuck like a stump
Funk invades the room but I can't stop
People think they good but they can't top
Me and the homie MC Icy
If you say this song is good then i'm gettin' lucky
Meltin' all the heat that trash rappers made
We like Cypress Hill we goin' insane
In the brain, rappers play me like I'm a game
I rap differently but yall think i'm the same
You know my style, you critique
I've had a few people call me unique
That's cool but I already was
I'm gettin' better and better and that's because
Of the sick beat. Sick flow
Rappers that fall off won't know where to go
They won't understand that I am the man
We gotta get a better beat, that's the plan
We attemptin' it. It's goin' real swiftly
I made this beat like it's gonna be nifty
Us rappers be goin' off we are a switch
I've seen a few people on Discord, bein' a snitch
You rap like you brushed your teeth but forgot to rinse
All you f--kin' rappers ain't got common sense

Hey, i'm liking this album so far. What you think about it, brotha?
Ehh, it's decent
Not a great album but it's okay?
Yeah, pretty much
Dang. That's kinda whack considering the beats on this album are insane
No, these beats are garbage
Yo! I'm gonna give the microphone to my homeboy MC Icy. I wanna hear what he has to say. Take it away

[Verse 2 (MC Icy)]
My lyricism could care less about criticism
Such cynicism isn't even in my system
I used to diss mumble rappers with no progression
Now i'm trying to write bangers over beats to let out aggression
It's an addiction, non-fiction, too complicated for description
Self-contradiction, obstriction, worse than pill prescriptions
To be a good artist, it's the hardest, with constant retardants
Constantly bundling words into herds, then occurs the concerns
There's no return, we can confirm, i'd prefer to be an entrepreneur
Is it even possible to be lyrical and satirical, is that even original?
So stereotypical and hypocritical, call me PolitikZ from Filthy Frank
I've almost just had it, i've got to panic, ecologists are watching me get cranked
I'm not askin' for a plaque or a date, I just wanna be thanked, instead of bein' told my sh*t is wack
I just ask for more respect, I know i'm not perfect, I confess, that i'm a mess, you are indeed correct
I'm just pointing out my talent, I have it, that statement is indeed valid, do not even challenge
I can rap pretty fast, so don't ask, it ain't a task, it comes naturally and rationally
No need to question my sexuality or gravity, no one is stoppin' me, i'm MC Icy, rising slowly and gradually
I'm not here for bragging or shaming

Yeah. That's the kind of beat we bumpin' up in here
Who cares if I'm an old head
Cypress Hill for life!

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