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The Jacka Lyrics

Devilz Rejectz 3: American Horror Story (2018)

Hustle For My Last Name 2 (2018)

M.O.E. Crime (2016)

Drought Season 3 (2015)


Berner Presents Dirty Money: Compilation Vol. 1 (2014)


Highway Robbery (2014)

Risk Game (2014)

Border Wars (2012)

The Sentence (2012)

The Tonight Show With The Jacka (2012)

The Verdict (2012)

Flight Risk (2011)

The Indictment (2011)

Drought Season 2 (2009)

Weekend At Bernie's (2009)

You Played Me (2009)

Demolition Men Presents The Jacka Is The Dopest (2008)

Mob Trial 3: The Verdict (2008)

The Street Album (2008)

The Tonka Boyz (2008)

Booty Star: Glock Tawk (2007)

Drug War (2006)

The Mob Gets Explosive : Explosive Mode III (2006)

Bullet Symphony: Horns and Halos #3

Corporate Money

Demolition Men Present: The Jacka Is The Dopest

Devilz Rejects 2: House of the Dead

Devilz Rejectz 2: House of the Dead

Devilz Rejectz: 36 Zips

Dope As Coke

Dope As Coke 2: The Leak

Game Over

Keak Da Sneak Presents: Murder Music 2

Lash Money

Making Decisions Off Truth Since The 80's

Thug Money


Turkey Bag Boy

Young Bay Boss 2

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