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The Jacka


[Verse 1: The Jacka]
Yo, I put the coke down in my hood all my n*ggas up now
That was 10 years ago still gon' live it up how
Could you let the pigs break up what we had
Sellin' blow never let your friends know there's a stash house
Killas that a turn on'll have you home to a sad house
Hit you with the 40 stay on him till he pass out
If we gotta show a n*gga coke with the gas out
Just to let him know the double back is a bad thought
Still in the dope game though the rap bout to blast off
Thank Irene black queen but she passed now
Man I really miss you trynna keep me out of what I'm into
Damn there's no hope for me
Hope these n*ggas never put a hole in me
Getting rich but we all gotta go away
Remember emptied out our arms then we drove away
So I give this sh*t my all till I leave this place
I just wanna make it home to see my children's' face
Remember a bull like me can never get replaced
Nah, a bull like me'll pay for his mistakes
The young (?) tell me Jack you should hit the brakes
But you not from the jects so they can't relate
Where if you don't sleep in the trap then you will never eat
But there's a message in this rap I hope my n*ggas peep

[Bridge: The Jacka]
Long as I (?) my n*gga King Freak
Always be a part of your memory
Even if you don't remember me
I only fear Allah, Inshallah I'll be ok

[Verse 2: Checcmate]

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