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Eyedea Lyrics

Eyedea: The Many Faces of Mikey (2015)

Afraid to Dream (2011)

Waste Age Teenland (2011)


Duluth is the Truth (2010)

Peerless (2010)

Soundscape Three. (2010)

Movement 4:6 (2009)

Nervous - EP (2007)

New, Unreleased and B-Sides, Volume 3 (2006)

The Some of All Things [or; The Healing Power of Scab Picking] (2006)

Skeptik (2005)

The Good And The Bad Of The Ugly Vol.1 (2005)

The Vitamins & Minerals EP (2004)

Sean Likes Ugly Girls [3] (2003)

The Shopkeeper's Wife EP (2003)

The Weightroom (2003)

We Came From Beyond, Vol. 2 (2003)

Now You Know (2002)

Search and Rescue (2002)

Three Phase Irony Double EP (2002)

We Ain't Fessin' (Double Quotes) EP (2002)

We Came from Beyond (2001)

Anticon Presents: Music For The Advancement Of Hip Hop (1999)

Hip-Hop Music For The Advanced Listener EP (1999)

Howle's Book (1998)

Movement 4:6

Single Series #1

The Whereabouts of Hidden Bridges

Other Songs

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