"November 2015 Metal & Hardcore Release Calendar"

Cross Vault - The All-Consuming
Devil You Know - They Bleed Red
Extreme Noise Terror - Extreme Noise Terror
Horn - Feldpost
Mammoth Storm - Fornjot
Novelists - Souvenirs
Our Survival Depends on Us - Scouts on the Borderline Between the Physical and Spiritual World
Raskasta Joulua - Tulkoon joulu -Akustisesti-

Dream On, Dreamer - Songs of Soulitude
Firespawn - Shadow Realms
Intronaut - The Direction of Last Things
Revenge - Behold.Total.Rejection

Misanthropic Rage - Gates No Longer Shut

Abhorrent - Intransigence
Coraxo - Neptune
HateSphere - New Hell
Imperia - Tears of Silence
Manimal - Trapped in the Shadows
Månegarm - Månegarm
Solution .45 - Nightmares in the Waking State - Part I
Steelwing - Reset, Reboot, Redeem
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