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Genius Lyrics

2021 Album Release Calendar (2021)

Euphoria (2019)

Hitler Did Nothing Wrong [LITLER] (2018)

Videographien deutscher Künstler (2018)

Young & Rich - EP (2018)

W.N.M Vol.2 (2017)

Genius Artist Archives (2016)

Ja nej måske (2016)



Bankwrapped - Single

Born Genius

Cloud And Dust

G E N I U S - Blessed Trooper (feat Hendrix Harris) - Single

Genius 2020202020

Get Involved!

Golden Hour

Hair Genius

Jennifer Flor

New Chains (Single)

No Rush - Single

Plano B

Rap Dictionary


Transcription Priorities

Vidéothèque des rappeurs français

Other Songs

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