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9th Wonder

"Good Ol’ Life"


Yo it’s that G sh*t man!
We taking it back yo!
Ayy yo, let's get this (Mic check one, check two)


Yo my mind’s always outta this planet
Like I’ve been banished from earth
I was meant to plant myself in the dirt
No we ain’t born like this
Some of us vary, explanatory
It’s cold y’all don’t have to be sorry for me
'Cause death’s the only thing that’s promised in life!
But it ain’t taste bad it’s up to you to add up the spice
We used to stack up the system 'til we got fed up of rice
Respect to all the farmers who never gave up the fight!
I’m truly in debt, watch as my face gets red
For all the yapping I’ve done for all sh*t that’s gon’ come
It’s crazy cause life is so amazing
And I’ve been wrong!
That’s the main reason I was down to make this song
Mastered the game I’m on a different level
Plastered my face I made a vigorous devil
I took the time to thank all my foes
Cause my loved ones are the ones who hurt me the most!
Spitting wisdom but I ain’t no preacher I gotta tell this
"Sky’s the limit, kid" the possibilities are endless
Don’t let them put you down always be relentless
Keep your circle small, f**k all them fake friendships!
Every night I lay in bed with plenty tears
Cause every morning when I look in the mirror
I see myself in twenty years!
Doing better than these empty peers
Working harder forget about my petty fears
My story’s too much for these suckers to handle
'Cause when they see me in the streets I’m just a vandal
We need to learn see things in a different angle
Minding our own business stop blowing each other’s candles!
I hustle through pain ain’t settling for cheap bread
I’m using my brain to think of ways to be fed
No matter where ya from know that we all bleed red!
Stop draining ya energy to get some street cred
I’m tryna spread the word across the globe
Making it out is the only thing I hope
I know the system’s a lie that’s why I stay woke
It’s things like these you learn when you stay broke!
My family ain’t tight we had too nothing to lose
Busting our asses we had nothing much to choose
But I was the bravest to stand up against my haters
Even my grand pops told me I’d be the greatest!
It’s sad he had to leave when I was eleven
I wish him peace but it’s all good cause he’s in heaven
Now I’m on the road to get figures with seven
Know the name motherf**ker cut the vowels, it’s "KVN"!
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