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9th Wonder Lyrics

The All (2019)

Beyond Dreamz (2018)

Legend Has It (2018)


The Verse of The Month (2018)

Unapologetic Roses (2018)

Zion 3 (2018)

BregMatic (2017)

Planet of the Grapes (2016)

Spilled Memories and Splattered Dreams (2016)

Zion (2016)

No Chill (2015)

Term Brady (2015)

Timing Is Everything (2015)

BrILLiant Youth EP (2014)

I.Am.Alice (2014)

Deadbeats and Lazy Lyrics (2013)

Happy 9th Birthday! Pt. 3: Nicki Minaj Goes To London (2013)

Happy 9th Birthday 2: Cruel Halloween OST (2012)

Save Our Souls (2012)

The New York Times Tape Vol.1 (2012)

Tutankhamen: Valley of the Kings (2012)

All Blvck Everything: The Prelude (2011)

Happy 9th Birthday (2011)

Hip Hop Soul Lives (2011)

Mr. Asthmatic (2011)

The Talented Tenth (2011)

9th's Opus - It's a Wonderful World Music Group, Vol. 1 (2010)

Curse Of Thee Green Faceded (2010)

Death of a Pop Star (2010)

Megatron Majorz Redux (2010)

Return of the B-Girl (2010)

The FreEP (2010)

Write Blew On The Clouds 2 (ColorfulDreams) (2010)

The Ripple Effect (2009)

Carnage (2008)

Separate But Equal (Drama Free Edition) (2008)

The Formula (2008)

Ambitions Of A Writer (2007)

Cry Now L.A.F. Later (2007)

Median's Relief (2007)

Brothaz [12" Single] (2006)

Soldiers of Fortune (2006)

The Authentic (2006)

The Commercial Free EP (2006)

The Healing (2006)

The Return Of Tha Yardfather (2006)

Dream Merchant, Vol. 1 (2005)

Dream Merchant, Volume 1 (2005)

Spirit of '94:Version 9.0 (2005)

The City's Favorite (2005)

The Ladies Champ EP (2005)

Triple Play: The EP (2005)

Connected Instrumentals (2004)

Kev Brown Mixtape (2004)

The Perfection Xperiment Part II (2004)

Justus League Mixtape Vol. 1: NC State Of Mind (2003)

Legsclusives (2003)

The Corner of Spec & 9th (2003)

9th Dimension

9th Wonder Presents: The A.L.L.I.E.S.


Bedroom Tapes Vol 1


cali boy

Cost of Integrity

Da Gas Chamber

Death Threats & Love Notes: The Prelude

For The Fuck Of It 2

Good User, m.A.A.d Forum

Good Vibes

High Renaissance II

Justus League Mixtape Volume I: NC State of Mind




Pure Thoughts

Purple Walls

Rap Culture Uno Mixtape Vol 1

Sum'n Lyte 1.5

The Cure

The Genius Edition

The Glimmer EP

The Squirrel and the Aces

VividIllustartions Vol. 1

Other Songs

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