9th Wonder

"Can’t Breathe"

You’ve been takin notes from the homie’s
You wanna take they word cause they know me
(they know me they know)
You say i don’t act like this usually
Now, Im just having fun in the moment
And you been asking around for entry, (Oh no)
But demons says you [kid?] dont defend me
You shouldn’t play with if’s and maybe’s
(Cause when your around baby) I Can’t Breathe!
You listen to things that they been mentioning
Come to me and i can fill you in
Cause you can’t rely on all the things they tell you (they tell you, they tell you)
Cause they don’t know what i don’t say (How could they know it)
You wanna know if whеre we’re at is a usual spacе (Cuz we both know that)
Cuz we both know it ain't their place (And you know you can always reach me)
And even though we strong but i doubt, you ask around, im right here (Im right here)
So maybe then the truth can be found, If you just allow yourself to see it (Tell me you can see it)
I guess you give me reason of doubt, Im all about you have no fear, So when you want the pieces to the puzzle baby i can make it clear
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