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George Duke Lyrics

Questions EP (2017)

Triumph (2017)

My Old Friend: Celebrating George Duke (2014)

DreamWeaver (2013)

1986-1991: The Warner Years (2011)

The Golden Age Of Apocalypse (2011)

Duke (2005)

'round Midnight (2004)

Digital Love (single) (2001)

After Hours (1998)

Frank Zappa Plays The Music of Frank Zappa: A Memorial Tribute (1996)

Greatest Hits (1985-1993) (1996)

The RBX Files (1995)

Snapshot (1992)

The Five Heartbeats (Music from the Motion Picture) (1991)

Night After Night (1989)

I Came To Play (1988)

All Our Love (1987)

Inside Out (1986)

Tutu (1986)

Stephanie Mills (1985)

I've Got the Cure (1984)

Guardian Of The Light (1983)

Dream On (1982)


The Clarke / Duke Project (1981)

A Brazilian Love Affair (1980)

Twice as Sweet (1980)

Follow the Rainbow (1979)

I Wanna Play for You (1979)

Master of the Game (1979)

Don't Let Go (1978)

Reach For It (1977)

I Love the Blues, She Heard My Cry (1975)

Crosswinds (1974)

You've Got It Bad, Girl (1973)

Clarke/Duke Project II

The Clarke/Duke Project

Other Songs

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