Paul Wall Lyrics

Lost in the Sauce (2020)

All Tha Way Lit Up (2019)

OGs Are Forever (2019)

TrillStatik (Deluxe Version) (2019)

It’s a Wrap (2018)

The Legalizers, Vol. 2: Indoor Grow (2018)

#WorkfloVol2 (2016)

DTG Vol. 1.5 (2015)

OVO Sound Radio Tracklists (2015)

Hear Sum Evil (2014)

Settle for Le$, Vol. 2 (2011)

The Final Chapter 2K11 (2011)

Young and Hung... Over (2011)

DJ Khaled Presents: Life of a Yungsta (2008)

The West Coast Blokk Monster (2008)

Blowin’ Up (2006)

Minor Setback For The Major Comeback (2006)

Sweatsuit (2005)

The Houston Hard Hitters Vol. 6 (2003)

Get Ya Mind Correct (2002)

Southern’s Finest (2002)

Bobby Booshay (2001)

Da Mista Masta (2000)

5 Star General

Diamond Boyz

DJ KaySlay & Greg Street the Champions (The North Meets the South)

Got That Fire


M.I.B. (Making Independent Bread)

Say I Won't Remix

The Day Hell Broke Loose 2

The Day Hell Broke Loose 2 AKA Major Without a Major Deal

They Can’t Deport Us All

This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race (2007 VMA Remix)

Thoed Essays 3: Watch the Latin Throne

Us Killin Us

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