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Paul Wall

"Roll Hard"

[Hook] (x2)
On the boulevard, know we ain't fraud
On the boulevard, know we ain't fraud
On the, on the boulevard know we ain't fraud
[?] and you know I roll hard

[Verse 1: Paul Wall]
True to the game hand full of grain
Go get them out french stacking my chain
Trunk full of bang white cup game
Paul Wall, baby I'm the motherfucking mane
Trunk wave in the air I'm so player
Here go the po pos I don't even care
Threee times in a row slab of the year
Fifth wheel bow down time for a prayer
I'm slab god in the flesh I'm blessed
Cadillac on the crest nothing less
Blue ribbon on the bowtie so fresh
Your bitch on my nuts and you dissed
I'm a bopper heartbreaker
Elbows on my ankle
IPhone air poppin trunk like a pranker
Swing head like a homie , not a ranker
Off the head run up on you, you gon' meet your maker


[Verse 2: Gangsta Boo]
Purple sprite for my niggas
I don't sip, I sniff my niggas
I don't dance, I tip my nigga
Rolling hard solo my nigga
Mask on my face you know it
Eyes low my I'm high as showing
First class I'm bout to going
Pass me that bottle I'm scoring
Light dro, fuck a ho
These hoes ain't loyal you ain't know
I on my job like mom and them
Smoked out blowed out with my friends
Got this game on lock
Gun is cocked
For your drama man
You wanna take my spot but you not
Things I will remain


[Verse 3: BeatKing]
Back then they didn't want me now I'm hot they all on me
Back then they didn't want me now I'm hot I toss a thot
In my partner house get the blunt to the head
Then I toss her out then I floss the drop
Trunk pop, gun cock
Breaking the nig' tryna jump out
Still tippin' wood wheel grippin'
Getting head like Bill Clinton
Number bad ho's in my slab
If you ain't fuckin, we can chill with you
Being rich five years and I'm still gettin'
She don't like but you gotta deal with them
Club God, H-Town, trill nigga
Polo fuck the Hilfiger

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