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"4. R.I.P (corrected)"

Product of the ghetto
Three Jokers like Romero, Nicholson and Leto
Real kind, yea we blast on the instrumental
Smiling teeth behind bandannas and influential
And I’m mental at the same time make it special
Rhyme my rhymes like bullet holes f**k the pen & pencil
Make casualty out of foes, body make a stencil
For the sidewalk chalk, They said he had potential
But he dead now, that’s the story of the competition
The b*t*hes don’t exist in the mix of any music I listen
It’s like divine intervention
But can you separate the trill from the ill that’s the question
G’s up, f**k hoes always been the same since forever in a day
Ain’t a damn thing changed and the muthaf**kin’ music gon' play
Three fingers in the air
Give a f**k what they say

Thugs, Felons, Hoods, G’s
Stay the day loaded and we’ll make you rep the beat
Anybody want some?, killas, rough necks
Even baby G better show the 3 some respect
Anybody steppin’ better lay down, If you feelin’ some kind of way now, We'll leave everybody dead, oh
RIP just like the mutherf**kin’ soul said
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