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Twiztid Lyrics

Anomaly 88 (2018)

Last American Rock Stars (2018)

The Almighty (2018)

Trick or Treat EP (2018)

Digital Voodoo (2017)

Made From Fire (2017)

Psychomania (2017)

Triple Threat (2017)

Feed The Beast (Single) (2015)

Krown Power (2015)

Toofgang & Palz 2 "Still Palz" (2015)

Bad Trip - Single (2014)

Fright Fest 2013 (2013)

Red Vinyl Series 1 (2013)

Psychopathic Psyphers (2012)

American Psycho Tour Exclusive (2011)

Holiday Heat (2010)

Psychopathics from Outer Space 3 (2007)

Colton Grundy: Tha Undying (2004)

Blaze Ya Dead Homie (2000)

Heavy Metal 2000 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2000)

Ghosty Witch


The Year of the Sword

Other Songs

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