Wolf Lyrics

Devour (2019)

Tired and Broke (2019)

800DASH (2018)

Dark Times, Bright Future (2017)

ELEVATE (2017)

Galg & Rad (2017)

Dichtbij (2016)

Mind of the Court Jester (2015)

Welcome to Planet Earth 2: Supreme [Machines] and Devolved [Monsters] (2014)

Legions of Bastards (2011)

Ravenous (2009)

The Black Flame (2006)

Evil Star (2004)

Black Wings (2002)

So Together (2000)

Wolf (1999)

Acende a Luz

Calm Insanity

Conscious Trap


Galg & Rad

Kel Jefe


Nothing Has Changed

Oog Dicht


Smexy Betty

State of Emotion

The Element

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