Villains lyrics


Ah Uhm...
Shout out to Aidan
Shout out to Chad
Shout out to Zakc
This is Mad
And This is MAD

[1st Verse]
Red Riding Cape
Red Floating Hood
Villains up to good

No Key to Success
Because They Keep
Changing The F*cking
Aunt Maria with that
Unorthodox Jukebox

Aunt Maria with that
Evil Grin on her face
Calm her down when
She blaze
Light the blunt up
With a flame-thrower
Melt her lips onto
The blunt ,puffing
All Month
No Coward
I Kill Up Front
Nail all my stunts

Suicide Backflip off
The Statue of Liberty
And Land on a slice
Of Bread ,wait come
Let me slice your head
Off with a blackberry

How do you know that
The kiss off Death
Is the Kiss of Death
Is that the kiss of that
But She Doesn't Have
Lips ,let me tell you
Something always put
Logic into your damn

[2nd Verse]
Blowing Up Buildings
Without warning
I'm an Awesome
Walking with my
Robotic Unicorns
Golden Horn
On my right fist

Buckle Up for these
Knuckles in an
Let your mouth shut
The f*ck up
And your brain to
Shut the f*ck down

Slam your corpse on
The ground louder
Than the thunder
Wolves Howling Now
Wolves Growling Now
Doing the thunder dance
On a sunny day
Around the fire
Where I burnt my face

Levitating Gravity wearing
Dracula's Cape ,liquid
Glass in a styrofoam and
Sand on a paper plate
Bleeding inside
Everyone's minds inside
My mind ,but I lost mine
When I was a baby at a
Cemetery ,just lying I
Was never a baby ,but
I've been to a cemetery

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