Mickey Factz
No Church In A While
Concrete stained from red crayons
Mothers all on they knees getting they pray on
Death toll rising higher than my blood pressure
Crips on a Piru block feeling the blood pressure
Gang violence is cool until the judge get ya
More sentences given out than a rushed lecture
Stretchers replace beds, die in ya sleep
Bullet wound to ya mind, look king, I have a dream
Krueger won't let it ride, nightmares piling the scene
Hoover and the FBI, tried dividing a theme
And the remnants is all in the presence
Kill each other with weapons over streets we never owned
But our mind tell us our home should be protected
We don't own land, lord, we barely living as tenants
Young Jedis war with the stars cause they jealous
Scheming on the cars cause the phantom where the men is
I just a***yze the crimes and try to tell it
To the world, using siri's on my phone thats how I pen it
Corner sales are like a water well budget
To get the product, they buck it until it's all flooded
Smoke weed in public, tell the cops f**k it
Shove el's in they mouth cause they dug it
What if we didn't
Segregate the church and the state
Like god when he separated dirt and the lakes
He prolly looking at the earth in disgrace
Is it worth it? The waste of a person to waste
We not perfect but wait, mercy and grace
Is what is bestowed as emergency fate
N***as is screaming this is my block
Till a cop show up with a deed like, "Uh uh"
Indeed, that spot was leased to whoever copped
With money outta stock, they paying rent to the plot
So the deeds that you do, bring deeds from the swat
But I like to call em warrants, its warranted with a shot
It shouldn't hurt me to smile
But its hard when you feel like you cursed with a crown
Royalty, but we worth pennys now
Cause its normal for us to see a hearse with a child
The world is a circus of clowns
It feels like none of us been to church in a while