Mickey Factz
Memoirs of ”?”: Entry II
[Thoughts from MauSe]

*Tape Deck Opens*
*Tape Deck Closes*
*Play b***on Is Pressed*

Mickey MauSe: Interview with Andy Warhol... June 11th, 1986. Andy, first & foremost I want to take the time to say thank you, for conducting this interview with me. So the 1st question I have is if you could paint anybody in the world, who would it be?

Andy Warhol: I'd paint anybody, anybody that asked me

MauSe: Really? Wow, even a random guy just walking down 5th avenue, who came up to you, you just would paint them?

Warhol: Uh, yes. Mhmm

MauSe: Right right well, how I mean how long does it... you know like...

Warhol: Well, by doing you know by spending more time on it. Its just.. its just like a person who spends more time on one picture

MauSe: ooh ok...

Warhol: I just spend more time doing more than one picture

MauSe: OK well let's switch gears. What kind of camera do you use?

Warhol: I've got this um... Mr. Landon invented this great camera that was called uh a Polaroid, it was called a poto roid um big shot
MauSe: Polar.. A Polaroid.. yea

Warhol: And uh it just takes uh the face of the person, I..I.. haven't learned how to do the body yet. I mean I..I... I've done it before but not..not really and so this.. this picture just takes a picture of um... just the face and it seems to uh.. I don't know, there's something about the camera that makes it lo.. makes the person look uh... just right.. and uh it takes... it just takes... takes their head shots its..its like getting a pa**port picture...

MauSe: Yea

Warhol: They usually always come out great

MauSe: Yea well I've actually been using a portable Polaroid as of late to take pictures of girls naked. It um definitely focuses on the body more. Ha ha... Which is good. I try to get at least 20 to 25 shots because the film is extremely expensive. How many shots do you take by the way?

Warhol: No, I take I take at least 200

MauSe: Wow

Warhol: Maybe more

MauSe: Wow 200 shots?

Warhol: Then I, yea, Then I pick and sometimes I... I um.. you know take a half a picture from one picture and another picture lifted from another picture

MauSe: Insane... and these.. and these are all black & white I presume?

Warhol: It..its usually a color picture and I turn it to a black and white um.. photograph

MauSe: Let's talk about your work now. When you first started, people felt you weren't that good. They weren't into the pop art. Now everyone has your work in their museums. Do you like your work up now? Like.. do you like to see it out like that?
Warhol: Umm, oh no, I like them in closets

MauSe: whaa... Ha Ha Ha... what? why?

Warhol: oh well... because people collect them and then they put em away they don't have to put them up on the wall... at least they have them

MauSe: He he heeeee. Wow. Well what do you suggest is the best way to get ideas for me? I'm young, I'm starting out, I like to have naked girls around when I...when I paint. So wha..what do you suggest?

Warhol: Well, no you can listen to really good music

MauSe: Oh Really? Well I-I used to have a boom box when I spray painted in The Bronx listening to Curtis Blow...

Warhol: Oh yea...

MauSe: & Krs-1. So... But..but.. I heard you were an opera fan

Warhol: Oh I always liked opera. I used to go when I was I very young...

MauSe: OK...

Warhol: And now when you, you know with this great its a.. I think its another Sony ma- machine... its a.. its... its called a Walk-A-bout or a Walk-A-Man

MauSe: A.. A...A walk-man... yea Walk-man

Warhol: or something like that and uh.. its.. its.. actually really terrific... & you can.. you can hear it as stereo in your ear and its.. its its... its really great
MauSe: Oh.. well... who did enjoy painting the most? Marilyn Monroe? JFK? Madonna?

Warhol: I think Li- LIza Min- Minelli

MauSe: What? You gotta be kidding me... Liza Minelli? Of all people?

Warhol: Well umm.. because I was able to sort of uh

MauSe: Yea, explain. You gotta explain

Warhol: Do her... and do the painting like the way I used to do them years ago. And... And I I just did them recently. And uh it um.. It had the right look and the right colors

MauSe: Oh OK... I see.. well she's kind of a b*t*h to me man but eh whatever, I don't...I don't really care

Warhol: Yes... I can... well..

MauSe: Ha Ha Ha

Warhol: uh she's a great person...

MauSe: Ight, whatever you say man. Well, I sent some artwork over to Edie for you to look at did you get them? Do u like them?

Warhol: Well no I don't. But uh

MauSe: What?

Warhol: I have them... I wish I... I wish I didn't

MauSe: What?.. F**k u Andy. You don't think it would be a good idea to at least look at the art?

Warhol: Uh... it would be a good idea... Yea...

MauSe: You're a j*rk man. You gotta look at what the youth is doing Andy. So you can stay and remain young man

Warhol: Oh no.. I'm.. no I'm...I'm...I'm old

MauSe: Oh.. Oh you're old now? Ha ha... come on man...

Warhol: Oh yes, I'm old, yea... They call me granny

MauSe: What?

Warhol: they call me granny. They do

MauSe: Who at The Factory is calling you granny? Is it Keith? Is it Kenny?

Warhol: Uh everybody does

MauSe: Wow. Really? But why do you think they do? Cause I'm a start soon

Warhol: Uh I don't know... They.. they say I'm old

MauSe: Ha ha... It could be because we love you man... Ha ha

Warhol: Uh no, its not a sign of affection

MauSe: What?

Warhol: It's mean

MauSe: No man... You must hate us man..

Warhol: Uh... well no, I like everybody... so... that's affection

MauSe: Ha ha.. So you trying to tell me, after the years you've known me, there's nothing about me or anybody else that you hate?

Warhol: Ummmm.. well if they talk a lot

MauSe: Ha ha... come on Andy...

Warhol: *chuckles*

MauSe: So if I shut up and end this interview, I'd be cool to you?

Warhol: Ye... yes... that's a really nice person

MauSe: OK fine... I'll get you later man... MauSe

*Tape Stops*

*Film Reel Starts*

MauSe: Lights, Camera, Action!


[Verse 1]
Young, black, gifted, talented, I don't even try
Just started using camera's, I won't even lie, I...
Got girls naked taking pictures, am I dreaming! Nah
I think I got a genius eye, love how she look when she got no bra
I, I'm I'm turning heads critics look at me different
My life on the edge, painting women the illest
Black, White, Yellow, Red, hopefully y'all can get it
Skill with a little bit of feel, make em feel a little thrill, now they all wanna chill
When I'm in it, in it
5'9" mouse ears visually mesmerized
Mask down, all black I'm unidentified
New balance or the Jordan's, I never can decide
I'm not a trendy guy but I was fly before 25
My art got em in a fairy tale trance
And with this aerosol can, I'm like a marathon man
And if you never saw my face, then you never had a chance, SO!

Wonder what it look like, look at me! Hey!