Mickey Factz
Rockin’ N Rollin’ (Remix)
Googhen, Ga-Googhenhime (REMIX!)
Googhen, Ga-Googhenhime B*T*HES!

[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
Aye yo
First Things First and last things last
Cut the middle man out so I can stack cash
None of your songs ever rock you rap trash
The jokes on you and I'm a have the last laugh (HA!)
Look man give it up
Homie I been fly with my pants zipper up
I never lie
I'm the man look me up
Not Disney
Google me now the names Mickey
How slang birds
You cats looking broke
You only slang words to the raps that you wrote
I could'ntbe a lame
It wouldn't be the same
With my go supers on like I'm puttin on a chain (damn)
The strings never tied
Why... listen
I like to call it swagg
So please stop trippin
No I'm not kiddin
So holla if you know it
The cool kids is here and we rockin n Rollin

Rockin n rollin
Rollin n I'm rockin

Poppin when it's goin
Goin and it's poppin

I got it so I show it
I show it cause I got it

GFC the team
Posers can't stop it

STOP IT! Posers can't stop it [x4]

[Verse 2: Chuck inglesh]
I flip through the billfold
Pockets full of old bills
Bill me if I waste time
Tick tick tick chime
Ching ching chinglin
Tigers rings ringlin
Brothers who's peepin brothers
Jeez louis close the shutters
And I didn't get the studder
But I did did the other
Other than that
I'll be tippin my hat
Like what's good jack
Guess-ess whose bizzack
Charlsie in charge
Point gone to the ridack
And that's mickey fid-actz
GFC saints
Steve quad in fizzack
Don't bite my izz-a**
P*ss a**
No misshap
Miss me with the di-dap
Cool kids you need landing gear where we be at
Fly like a rock toss
Float like a soap box
High top box
Called air jordan 6
Black hawks home jersey
Sittin at home
If you ain't rockin n rollin
Your a tugboat floatin

[Verse 3: Mikey Rocks]
What's up baby
Catch up on the lesson
And I be teachin all you wierd
Like a beard on a lady
What's the latest baby
(Hit) hit me on my pager
Goin down like the faders
When the mix too loud
I always push the envelop
Mailman karl malone
Stop and delivery
Is always COD
You don't wanna 3-on-3
Can't win
Speacially when it's
Me, Chuck Inglesh, And Mickey of the GFC
So early retirement is never bad
Get your rest
Every picture that I'm in is picture-ess
Tryna get it to the point I don't even take snapshots no more
Cause they payin me for silouhettes
No flash photography
If you don't mind
Co-signed and I am diggin like a gold mine
Let me propose a toast
To everybody on the boat
Top shelf champaign rain
And we stay afloat