Mickey Factz

[Verse 1: Mickey Factz & Chilla Jones]
This for my n***as that don't wait on sh*t!
Clark Kent, I hit the booth and throw the cape on quick
Y-3, fire kicks that's a Fei Long hit
Of Napalm, f**k the pen that's in they palm gripped
What we make up's out the box, like a Avon kit
Wait on
As a kid, I felt Biggie rhymes
Met Diddy then, kept witty lines
So if I ain't the one, I'm close to it like 12:59
So wait a minute and gimmie time
Yeah I see you in the city with a pretty dime
Face cute, a** fat, t**ties fine
But I know boys in the hood that gave shorty more back shots than Ricky's spine
Crazy as Singleton, had 4 Brothers in her thighs
Mickey's mind is Warhol's and Porsche doors
Foreign broads on all fours, like dog paws
Hardcore, my c*ck sharper than long swords
Box em and fold up strong jaws like cardboard
Concords when I'm tired of the Y's
Off the Buddha, my mind is getting high
What I spit in ya ear'll startle you
I'm surprising with the lines
I don't play though homie
I'm inspired by the wise!
Let's see
Light-bulb on, the light goes on
Write those bars, Nitro Charge
Ignite both arms, ignite those bombs
If you write those wrong, then right those wrongs
And life goes on
I'm feeling like the game is too Wringling
The true kingpin of New England, I'm thru mingling
Whoever said I lack respect
Gonna feel the whiplash effect
After Mickey I'm snappin... necks
Check, half impressed with the c*cky raps you cook-up
They study me, it's prolly facts you look up
Rushing punches like Drago
Still on since the Apollo
Feel he hate?
What about the rocky stats you put up homie?

All-City Chess Alumni
They not talkin', they tongue-tied
My girl went from Boyz II Men
I don't let her water run dry
Bad chick that goes both ways, it's hard to come by

I'm the King Pen
The rap Wilson Fisk
Me, I'm Malcolm X preparing for my pilgrimage
Culture, only eat Kosher, no gefilte fish
Black man who want his black hand on the pyramid
Ima take a break for 15, let Chilla live

[Verse 2: Chilla Jones]
F**k it Mick
I'm ready to die, tell em I did it Big
No pedophile, they feel a kid
And if Jerome bet his cash in hand, no way you gone steal a win
They all eager to battle, saying "I'm ready Chilla"
But you ain't beatin' a deadly killer, with heavy filler. [Neva!]
Anyone who say ima lose and'll bet me scrilla
In the end'll pay sir, like Reggie Miller
This where it go left
The homie Los fresh
But set it up, your senior team will feel the most deaths
Jones with the crown, I'm so vicious
Unforgettable, Yeah!
I'm that King, cold with it
Sick flow, from the get go, when I go get it
See how they grade me?
Aye B, I'm on a roll with it
Someone gone have to get me
Who else can rap this sickly?
Give-n-Go, now it's back to Mickey
[Verse 3: Mickey Factz]
Cops want our hands up in the air like George Clooney
But scared when a brother stand up, like Paul Mooney
Rather see em face to face, when they off duty
Can't wait till a law get pa**ed like Bob Cousy
Been nice since Genesis no Sega
The Alpha Omega
Ya salsa with no flavor
Where the hoes that ain't pole strangers
For a tip, I want a nightcap
I'll be p*ssed if it's no takers
You're in the top 3 that's what they say
Grocery bag full of money, guess what my safe weigh
My bucket list, indecent I'm sorry
Culinary degree and me knee deep in Ferraris
A menage with divas lookin' like barbies
Ironically, I wanna see cheetahs on a safari

[Outro: Emilio Rojas]
It's that white and hispanic cat
Finding peace is like finding out where Atlantis at
And I grew up with excuses, I never had a dad
I guess that's why I'm reclusive, that's how I channel that
I love my solitude
That's how I gotta move
I don't f**k with none of these lil' b*t*hes, I'm childproof
They don't got no code of honor, they got excuses
And loyalty is just another word that got tattooed
I'm trusting less and I'm watching more, cause a lot of y'all
Tried to barge your f**kin' way in after I got the door
I been in the big apple, it got a rotten core
And I pay a couple of stacks for the fiends that's noddin' off
They don't never seem to fall though
These new rappers pump fake, they don't never seem to ball though
Yeah, I know you filing for section 8
Cause you done blew your f**kin' advances sittin' in a section with 8
Hoes, they give a f**k about ya
You can't impress these gold diggers, they just tryna get a buck up out ya
Yeah, and I done been through it all
If you need to humble yourself, then you should give me a call
It's E!