Mickey Factz
Twitter Rap Battle
Mickey Factz: Tell Lu, this male's view is in bellevue
The belt move in ways that welps bruise, get someone to help you

Mickey Factz: Micks the firestorm of viacom, inside bomb
Turn the lighters on inside ya palm, thats johnny storm

Lupe Fiasco: Atomic Blaze from a comet rage

Break open Bellevue to let the hell loose & watch the nuts split, thats Johnny Cage

Mickey Factz: Ryu vs Akuma, tell ken barbie is not allowed, I will plow american idols in front of simon cowell with 90 vowels

Daylyt: one midget cheezn that's tiny smiles tiny smile get tip but can't exscape the mighty howls

Wolf love... Ice

Lupe Fiasco: Mighty Shao Kahn, hold mics like owl palms, send a simp son home alone with more in store than Nahasapeemapetilon

Mickey Factz: Pick up my sword again against scorpion, watch his organs tinge, scorch his skin, then pour all the gin in his porous limbs

Lupe Fiasco: The storm within makes the form of your fortress bend, my skin is four inch thin & absorbs floors like Porsche rims

Mickey Factz: Mosh pits letting my mind shift make his optic split , guile kicks and mutant deteriorations from apocalypse

Lupe Fiasco: Hollow hits, so much so I can take time to acknowledge the nacho dip, while I dodge your barrage & block yo kicks

Mickey Factz: Im sub-zero making Stalagmite drills with black ice skills then pa** by the guilds through anthracite fields

Lupe Fiasco: u can't fight still, my technical accomplishments come w/ medical accomplices 2help u once I level all ya monuments

Lupe Fiasco: Im Gravity, I like my raps rappity, I like my gats clappity, matter fact, Im recording my next album @ the Kalashnikov factory

Mickey Factz: I dent a cool n***a for thinking they my twin lupe, begin sufleés,... Wait a minute, Identical n***as my twin lupe

Mickey Factz: Im the type to pair a bulimic with a paraplegic, see jean grey, scaring the phoenix while breathing the air outta venus

Lupe Fiasco: That's cute but I just slap a n***a in his face, im too mean for two schemes I just slap a n***a in his face

Mickey Factz: Tell wasalu how I do! Remove comedians from comic-view, then sonic boom guys that spew audibles to the hospital

Lupe Fiasco: Im the type2take mindout a genius connect it 2the spine of Genghis put it inOptimusPrime &teach it 2rhyme in English
Lupe Fiasco: I can teach opera 2 a c*ckatoo, set a pinky ring on fire, hold it with pliers & guide a lobster in a helicopter thru

Mickey Factz: Look Im Peter Parker, swinging farther, eating kosher while im defeating vulture as an inking author!

Lupe Fiasco: Seem like ya ink cartridge is getting parched, this a dry clean 4 me I run this, u came a king now not even a prince

Mickey Factz: Calm and mellow, is this art or fighting? @LupeFiasco leonardo vs donatello, sipping amaretto, while sara conner mettles with armored metal