Mickey Factz
[Henry David Thoreau]
I said emotion content, not anger. Now try again, with me

[Intro: Mickey Factz]
I wrote this on Thursday, just like how I was feeling, so I felt like putting it out today

We not going to dance on this
We gonna think, yeah Guggenheim, It's Mickey!
GFC, where my achievers at?
Black Apple

[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
Let me lay it on the floor, lay it on the floor, why does it feel like we staying in the war?
I voted for Barack to take us out the war, maybe I was wrong
Don't wanna think that, soldiers are dead and we can't bring em back
It's funny how it cost money just to bring em back
But to leave them there is something they wanna keep in tact
10 years, 10 years, family shedding so many tears
And it seems like nobody cares, nobody cares
Everybody's deaf, nobody hears
It's a stained shirt that nobody wears
But right now I have a whole lot of ears
So I'm gunna roll out a whole lot of prayers
I had a convo, about the Congo
A 15 year war yo, genocide in the country is nothing but lost souls
So every day they mourning I'm like Alonzo
How about rebuild in Africa instead of watching civilians ma**acred
They killed like 5 million Africans, I wanna know now where's the pacifist
And why we worry about hoodies, and if our kids ever gunna stop getting bullied
There's kids that 7 with an automatic fully, anybody, body then boogie
That's not fake, but that's they fate
500,000 thousand woman have been rapped
Can you imagine, looking in the face of a 3 year old girl who was placed in the place with her race is a race
Is she not wanted?
They shove sticks in em, who does this to them?
Where was America, we're so spoiled
Looking for the oil that's trapped in the soil
I thought we were loyal?
Oh but we are, we fighting for the peace in the land so far
Meanwhile there's no peace in the land that we sparked
Cuz you can get a piece real quicker than a job
What happened to the piece of the pie, it's gone
I don't even see when somebody had a [?]
I guess that piece was a peace that we starved
The government is lampin', Alladin, Jafar
Who did they pay off?
Who they laid off?
I think Osama, what a trade off
Look at Rwanda, no Adolf
They ain't [?] Hitler, to get sprayed off
Back to the picture, keep the frame on
I'm like Johnny Storm when he yellin' "flame on"
My soul on fire, fire, warm
Who is the liar, liar, uggh
Jim Carrey stalled but he's not the one
I have an idea, things I can hunch
He's not the shooter but he got the gun
He's still guilty, we got to run
We have to fight, we shall [?]
Can't back down, we cannot front
The Congo was a peace keeping place
Up until they found the things that I want
Things woman love, put em on they neck
Put them on they ears, which makes em deaf
Put it on their finger for love, what's next
You call it ice, I call it [?]
See that conflict, is , is convicts, seeing bulls-eye like Kurt Thomas
We need a conference, where's Congress?
To busy raisin' the gas for there Porches
And a fortress, oh what a blunder
The biggest continent is starving of hunger
I really wish there was a god of thunder
To hammer out the things that are going under