Mickey Factz
[Intro: Blakout Prestige]
Chains, chains, chains, chains!
Chains, chains, chains, chains, chains!
Chains, chains, chains, chains!
Chains, chains, chains, chains!

[Chorus: Blakout Prestige]
It ain't gon' change
We still in chains
When it's gon' change?
We still in chains
We still in chains
When it's gon' change?
We still in chains

[Verse 1: L'mar Zandere]
The location changed
The shackles are on our brains
I get the signal through the airy waves
Like everyday
‘Til I know that I'll get out of this house
Is there a better place?
Can we find a way or do we fight a way?
I'm just tryna say
Is there a better place?
Can we find a way?
I said, can we find a way?

[Verse 2: N***OD]
As a black man I could die today
So they gon' let me say what I gotta say
And play Harriet on this Underground Railroad
My n***a we gon’ find a way
There's a Freedom Bell ringing miles away and I hear it
Plus I heard stories ‘bout the North Star
We should follow that, I could feel it in my spirit
We gon’ go where the Gods go
More than mortal man with this God flow
When they beat us like Harpo
We would wonder where the Lord go
We would wonder where God go
We would say if one would go then we all go
‘Cause something's gotta, something's gotta (Change), I swear
Waiting in the water, bloodhounds what we listen for
Toby and Kunta the same n***a
I'd rather play Chicken George
Ma**a get it crackin’ with the whip
You don't gotta ask what it's hitting for
You should listen more
In the home of the brave, land of the free
Nowadays they'll kill you like a dog in the street
They used to hang you from a tree (Yeah)
Took the shackles off ya hands and feet
And placed 'em 'round ya neck
Total disrespect, but you just told 'em cut the check
[Verse 3: Mickey Factz]
Whitey want Factz murdered
I’m the best guy with the fresh rhymes on the back burner
Head high like I’m fixing my necktie, I’ma fast learner
North star where the crest lies, call me Nat Turner
In the headlines, I’ma black worker with flesh pride
Crept by like a cat burglar, field n***a
Where the gra** merger with the real n***as
Tree about a 100 yards away
Saw my cousin get killed with it
Look ma**ah, I ain’t gon’ deal with it
2017, but I’m still whipping
That’s a flashback like Barry Allen when he dash back
Factz back is where the lash at
Dag that, I’m like Mad Max
In the desert where sand at
Cotton on me like it’s stuck to me
Ancestors put a rush through me
I’m the truth like Sojourner said it
High waters let the dust catch it
Got a straw hat and a hut fetish
Call me Dougla** ‘cause I love Frederick
F**k chains, F**k chains
Underground cause I love trains
No Metrocard just one dame
Harriet I’m not a dumb slave
Gotta thug frame
Whips hit me like a bus came in the intersection and it just bang
Barefoot in the near woods, aww sh*t this is some maze
I’ma target in a gun range
I’m not property, I’m a young rich and black untamed
Uncontrollable bitter young flame
Mundane in this numb brain
Django getting unchained to the sunrays