Mickey Factz
Friend Zone
[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
My good friend, my secret crush
The girl that I want but don't see enough
Burberry scent, just the sweetest Touch
And when I see her strut, gives me a rush!
I can be the guy that can tell her she's the hottest
She's a pilot coming out her closet
I can be her confidant, show her that I'm honest
Serving to the queen bow down to the highness
Beauty fades but she's timeless
Apple in my iris, I see paradise
I'm tryna find the right words miss vanwrite
I wanna buy a vowel, hoping my cash is right

[Hook: Redd Stylez & Lundon (Mickey Factz)]
I got what you want but you don't see it yet
I want you in my arms but you just put me, in the friend zone
(You got me stuck, you got me stuck, can't get out)
In the friend zone
(You got me stuck, you got me stuck, can't get out)

[Verse 2: Mickey Factz]
If you're sick I'm your doctor
I talk to you better than a teleprompter
Let's take a ride high in a helicopter
And see the city from the eyes of a bird when it flies
I can be your second shot of ketel vodka... Right?
I got your feeling nice, I want you in my life
Tell you your jeans' fitting right when you put em' on
I'm the one that you're looking for
I can be, everything that you need
The air that you breathe
The mirror that you see, when you're staring back at me
I'm your shoulder, lean on me closer
It's good that I tell ya but it's better if I showed ya


[Verse 3: Mickey Factz]
Let me show you what I mean, I'm a tell you what I'm about
I, prove it everyday so that you'll never have a doubt
I'm the blood in your heart from your roof to your house
You don't EVER gotta ponder; hear the words from my mouth
I, can, be, what the others weren't
I ain't judging em baby girl but what's the verdict?
Captain to your ship, set sail, rest well
Take a little breather, I'm waiting for you to exhale
That's the breeze of a new life
Watch it flick your hair, let's take a picture there
Darling, they say your photo's a thousand words
Well the conversation crown is heard

[Bridge: Redd Stylez]
Baby if you, just... Try me
I'll show you how good... I'll be, yeah...