Mickey Factz
Daylyt vs Mickey Factz
[Round 1: Mickey Factz]
King Of The Dot, y'all finally got my son on stage wit' me
But I won't say I'm proud of him
Cause y'all don't know Davone Campbell...that's why I'm here to beat the daylights (Daylyt's) outta him
Okay y'all, I just got head from Halle Berry
I came to brainstorm (brain Storm)
Fokker, I'm license to carry
So if I pop in law it's for his Gaylord
You? February...29th...2017 a** n***a, y'all know that Day lost
I'm gettin' paid off
Aye Ness, who knew Makin' A Band would be a cake walk?
This Mickey vs Daylyt, tell everybody you got your style from me

The antics; yeah

[Mickey Factz]
This bird finally jail ball
Well I'ma show him a what a flagrant falcon (foul can) be
Dangle him off the balcony, it gets grim
Big Ben, ya time's up, watch him fall
Open season, stroke of genius, what a mind f**k
It's blind luck, I seen him in the lobby prolly thinkin' 'bout me
I was greetin' people, properly
Told them it was, "'bout to be a lynch party."
Y'all hangin' around to see a body!
Ironically, his neck on the line
So I'ma loop him just to slip knots on him
You fake enlightened
And your message bored (board) fans, that's why I'm bringin' that hip hop for him (forum)
Read all about it, paragraph for a paradigm
Pair of rhymes leave you paralyzed
So what you can rock a room? I'm tryin' to turn it upside down; Jamairqui
Your Arab dime? Tell her "bye", parrot vibe, let it fly
Clean out her face, she ain't seen it coming (c*mming) baby she got sterilized
I used to think your petty lies was very wise but nevermind
That's debatable, now you're lost, metaphor matador
Cause you incapable (cape n' bull) of being sensational
And you just mash words together, and we both scrimmage with on court swag
But we two different Jordans and this n***a far more trash
But you an oddball fam', keep it real
You wanted this on URL, I told Beasley, "Chill."
They ain't plan it (planet) cause I got a big Ego son (sun)
So they gave Mike P the (Peter) Quill
You just missed a (Mr.) Fantastic bar, it ain't a Thing
This guy's fertilizer, sheeet, this a clear body for him, shout to Johnny (Jonny) Storm
Y'all know my verse (MyVerse) is fire
Marvel at it
Cause you in the game playin' the role blindly
Take away this actor vision (Activision)
I heard you was prayin' on Diddy's balls
This n***a sacrilegious (sack religious)
That's sadistic
Ya son gon' grow up, sayin' "Take that." It's all wrong
And look what it'll Spawn...a face tat'
You plain (plane) Jack, this Maverick Cruise with the Top Gun in my pilot coat
Take a trip to the west, in these (Indies) rounds, if it go overboard, ya vessel follow like a pirate boat, that's my approach
Folks sharin', like the quotes more than a viral post
Colorful infrareds, this what you get when you collide a scope with a kaleidoscope, Daylyt a hoax
Set fire to ya writings but on a lighter note
I'm mentally diagnosed, crack his nose
How this fake pro test (protest) when the sign is broke? Writin' dope
Til my palm read (red), I prolly tear it (tarot) in the future that's a psychic quote
Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, ya act gettin' old behind the bars, this n***a Life a joke
You prolly gon' get bias votes, because they don't know about Mickey knowledge
But I studied linguistics, and the next round you gettin' a crash course on Semiotics
[Round 1: Daylyt]
Last battle, I ain't battle Core' cause I was battlin' the core
Got 'em waitin' on the next juice, show the youth the wealth and the pearls
What a pretty round
This time I will rap about my violent times with the .22 but before I show you the peace (piece), let me introduce myself to the world
Earth, they say it's the greatest planet
Keyword, "greatest"
Look how they proceed with evil, connection evolution
Semiotics, linguistics, I start studying the world lane
Which help me understand the greed in people
Keyword, connection: "greeting"
It's trippy, how they caught us slippin' but for all who have fallen
Every fellow who fell off, hehehe
Them higher writers will fire and flame the entire Earth when they desire Hell, oh (hello)
Keyword, connection: greeting
Life ain't fair, can he cheat? Why
I guess it's any how to be the best
We gon' scratch off another old lottery ticket and leave a mess
[?] salute me, we make men die
Y'all believe he a [?], you must be the sa**' type
Open the latch he'll dive in and [?] some more so y'all can spazz right?
I hope Italy can solve this riddle, we rushin' in (Russian) private with side swagger
Agreed it, those who play Swedish (sweet ish) get hit with the god dagger
We take skin for ransom and leave bones sure
Hi Travis, you see how I'm greeting Organik?
I put that on my mother landin' every line
I come with a bar reverse, that's why he leavin' the planet
I rap with a lot of skills, you know it's a Llama (Islam) when I choose my heat
I told you I'd be every animal when we meet (meat)
You better salami, (Salam, me) my third eye far see (Farsi) but I'm quiet
[?], we muzzle 'em (Muslim) with the large protection, spit [?]
I can run (Koran) the game, but I'd rather (w)rap ahead on these b*t*hes cause this a job to me
But let's add it up, "Salam", "Islam", "Koran"
N***a I ain't scared of sh*t, I'm the most queued, I blow pens away
They hear to air a Bic (Arabic)
Ain't no rappin' with the caption captain unless you expectin' the t**le
Hi bro, the next wave was Hieroglyphics
I write for you all thinking Cairo, why bro?
You'd better try angles (triangles) and hope they land
What I'm sayin' is that man livin' cold
Hell him, "Don't cry yo (Cryo)." Freeze
This cat doggin' him, oh this (Otis) is my low (Milo), seize
We check the price, the tag was high go seek
For you they spent the money but did they check the bio? Geez
It was wild dog, Nikiya will tease
Me with [?], these rulers will come around
And y'all say I can't see money cause he my idol (eye tho')
I know, I brought the sky flow
Think, I eat the universal round for our Arrival
Fourth kind, helluva thesis
Telekinesis, it dream scan
Think Alien Covenant: I kill everybody on ya ship with this machine man
Say hello to David and Goliath
...Nah, no gun lines, I'm not finna give him that
Think David and Goliath, this is shot to rock with biggest cats
You my n***a Factz and we gon' get to some bigger facts
It's just me, Lyt, God's plan
Cause God said, "Let there be light (Lyt)."
[Round 2: Mickey Factz]
Ayo Day', what the f**k was that B?
Everything you sayin' was borin'
This battle rap n***a, if you wanted to rap we could've went to Sway In The Morning

What does that mean?

It means you should've rapped n***a

That's what we doin'!

[Mickey Factz]
You can't ever tell the truth, ever


[Mickey Factz]
So the critics say, "Why come and try and diss you?
Cause you've been scared
And they subscribe to the falsehoods in his heart
That's the under-lyin' issue
There's people in the industry lookin' at me on stage like, "What's wrong with him?"
Cause you took pictures with Drake for social media likes
I actually did a song with him
What's inside ya pencil? I'ma break down ya writing pattern
Cause all you do is manipulate verbs and misuse big words to over hype ya talent
Against Locksmith, you was a Smack rapper
Now? You just a wack actor, blade brown and [?]
Fake intelligent backpacker, I can't stand him
Chadwick, he wanna be a Black Panther
So he appear as a thinker to make his arrogance linger
At one point you had a Buzz B bar in every battle
Here go the stinger, you don't make sense
This him, "Mitochondria popular for the populace
Pocket check every [?] -" that sh*t garbage n***a
All you do is use a**onances which is the sounds of consonants
To appear dominant as a novelist
Or, you'll take a compound word, split it in half and make an obvious reference directly out of it so
He'll say somethin' like, "If I could blink
With my ghetto eyes (ghettoize), I'd see, we've been hoodwinked."
And y'all think that's crazy, well I say he's crazy
Ant Man in Civil War you need a good shrink
Just think, this a Bronx vet, complex with thoughts crossed with a bomb threat
Before I walked in I got stares (stairs) like door steps for apartments
Every bar I sketch like I wrote it for Disney
You beatin' me? It's like throwin' a Frisbee, get it boy? It's far fetched
Here go some letter force
We could battle in the middle of Daylyt
Aye (A), he'll get an L cause I'm too wise
From the beginnin', word, I saw D was an idiot with my two eyes (I's)
You third string thinkin' your verse clean, you and ya hurt queen
Verbal machete split him down the middle, he'll be (B) in half like the number 13
Cause when you split the letter "B" in half it look like the number thirteen
What up Ars'?!
I introduced you to Lupe, when you was young foolish and just clueless
I'm ya influence
When Hopsin said, "F**k music" and you were stuck doin' nothin'
I created the Quill, I made you punch ruthless
How can y'all say, "Let there be Lyt"? Without the plug usage?
You thought I was gonna leave wifey alone? I ain't done stupid
Make her orgasm just from hearin' me rappin', she succ*mb (suck c*m) to it
Stick shift, mid drift, big clip, Robert Horry defenseless
I'm clutch shootin', wrap him in floor mats
Cops don't know if it's a magic carpet seein' the rug movin'
I'm better than you and I've just proved it
No more contemplation about the confrontation
Next round, we need to have a brother to brother conversation

[Round 2: Daylyt]
What y'all want? The red pill or the blue pill? Red pill. We goin' somewhere else now. Thanks Mick's for the opportunity

It's ironic how man has forgot he is a species (spe-she's)
The cycle of life we say these are our rounds
One man, wo-man, to all my sisters walk wit' me as I lay these bars down
Listen, if water is the mister (mist-er) and Earth is the fire, promise
The mission we shall (shell) carry, it's time to put an end to these men who try to finish the feminists
As we envision this Hell (hail) Mary
It gets deep, but she got a long past
We done hit her with a mean interception
I'd like to take a second outta my second to talk to all of my queens for a second
Do you know language itself...has subconsciously destroyed the girl's pride?
I'ma show you exactly why they made the girl's die
Let me show you how they rip through the free-male with this brother plan
Here's some bad words
Miss-leading, miss-conduct and miss-understanding
Miss understand?
Well let me show y'all how it proves to the women that brother hate ya
Cause if you really think about it, mankind is destroyin' Mother Nature
But to my female species that still don't get it, well this next line will make y'all believe then
Mankind has been tryin' to erase y'all since the beginning of life
Think about this next word: semen (see men)

{Crowd starts booing}

[Round 3: Mickey Factz]
It's one question, that the battle fans will already ask me
Will I get back in the ring?
If I had to put my finger on it, nope, cause I'm already married
I'm what you get, when you spell flawless, the ground is what you get
You a frail carca** cause this was suicide from the jump
Let me give you some help toward it
He fell for- I love you like a brother, I ain't gotta tell you that
It's real, but I wouldn't be a brother if I didn't tell you how I feel
Us fans {don't touch me}
Us fans {don't touch me}, we miss the old Daylyt
The get in the face of Philly Swain, the bold Daylyt
The bus stop scheme that cut deeper than OJ knife
Not this bozo that troll gay rights
And switch roles, far as tunnel vision goes like...the Sylvester Stallone Daylyt
We want the cold, lyrical soul that won't take flight
But you a plague, used to be the Loc'est (locus)
Now we gettin' boiled like homemade rice
We'll see darkness after I take son (sun) out, there'll be no Daylyt (daylight)
That's biblical, it ain't a typo
He would take our text wars and use 'em in real battles
From what I know, he would recycle and win, cause he feels shallow, that's why he's psycho (cycle)
And more indirect (in direct) than Alfred Hitchc*ck, not to mention
Every single idea you got from Mick', watch
That Mike P Street Fighter scheme, that was something I let him have

You crazy! You crazy! C'mon dawg

[Mickey Factz]
That Peter Pan scheme, that was somethin' I let him have
When you finally decided to rap, I told you want to say
When they, thought you was semi trash
I was Patrick Swayze in Ghost, it was me pushin' the pen he (penny) had
Shout to Aktive cause he supported ya outburst
Til he heard you wanted to wear a dress and a blouse shirt
Ironic, you came home from London, got jumped and moved to the outskirts

**That's a lie!**

[Mickey Factz]
I told you that was a bad idea
Keep it 100, was I right or not?
How many Crips jumped you?


[Mickey Factz]
A hundred? Did you fight or not?


[Mickey Factz]
Word to Benjamin Franklin, on a 100
I heard on that violent block you finally showed up
They flipped the switch on you and that was the last time they seen 'Lyt (light) in watts (Watts)
I love you like a brother

This is why I don't battle rap

[Mickey Factz]
I love him like a brother, I ain't gotta tell him that
It's real, but I wouldn't be a brother if I ain't tell him how I feel
You saw Loaded versus Calicoe and became an instant fan
He brought out a casket, you thought it was an antic and tried to reinvent this man
What a convincing plan
Changed up your rhetoric, unfettering derelict with a list of scams
You copy this precedent, even when you lift ya hand
You ain't got no filter fam'
You took his score mat, quick and ran


[Mickey Factz]
It remind me of, Snapchat, Vine and Instagram
But oh, this is wrestlin', right Vince Mcmahon
But you don't punch perfect, what's to discuss
The disgusting distrust of a dumb burglar who stole a style and made it much worser
Than the person who had the tough verses
Cause if Loaded made the album, you just added extra sh*t on later Beloved
This D Lux (deluxe) version

{Crowd starts chanting 3-0}

We brothers, Cain and Abel
Mike and Fredo
G-Money and Nino
But something's wrong
You said you died before Daylyt?
And that's how you came up with Spawn?
Perfect cause you Quentin Tarantino and I'm George Clooney
We gon' watch this footage forever, from Dusk Til Dawn

[Round 3: Daylyt]
3-0?! 3-0?! 3-0?! 2-0?!

Mickey...you really my brother, bro like, you really my brother

I love you

I ain't here to fight witchu
To all the industry n***as that said I can't write witchu
Now they 'bout to see that I'm right witchu
If I blackout, you gon' be the one with the light ('Lyt) issue
I find it ironic how you came as the old ish, the old Mickey
But you ain't addressin' these black and white issues
Do you know Walt Disney, play a role in one of the biggest farts in our city
He got us on lock dog, but I don't ask for y'all pity
All my white fans, I used to consider y'all the worst race
But now I consider y'all the first date
I just need y'all to walk wit' me
Through the mind of a man, who understands white people comes before black people

{Jeers from the crowd}

It's a set up! It's a set up

We hit all y'all in the head, we will have lines out the side, all y'all n***as pegs
If I show you the beer can, all y'all get the meg
If I lift up the Lil' Uzi, all your friends are dead